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Letter From The CEO

Dear client or future client, 

As a young and ambitious company, comprised of unmistakable talent that is charting its own path, I want to slow down for a moment of reflection. As I take this moment to reflect on the prior twelve months, it brings substantial pride to see Graystone International dart into an industry-leading position of servicing the owners of small to medium sized businesses looking to  exit their business. Graystone has faithfully served many business owners seeking retirement or  their next venture this past year, now surpassing $200 MILLION in total listing volume.  

Graystone today offers nationwide brokerage services for business sellers and buyers up to  $100 million, however, the past year has shown us that we have most effectively served businesses valued between $3-25 Million.  

Over the next twelve months, our team has set even greater plans in place to successfully close larger deals on a broader geographical platform than before. A major part of these plans  includes further developing our very own in-house advisory team which is comprised of  experienced senior brokers, legal counsel, top-performing accountants, and an expanded  marketing team. Since day one, Graystone International’s success has sat on the shoulders of its team members’ ability to work synergistically, and by no individual alone. The team approach is  our method of effectively transacting business for each of our clients.  

As we continue to grow our footprint in the industry as a leader, we maintain our absolute  commitment to client relationships and satisfaction, integrity, and transparency. We will  continue enhancing our systems by partnering with many industry solutions specialist to ensure  our clients continue experiencing unappareled service and results while reducing their  liabilities. We work extraordinarily hard to maintain an open dialogue with each of our clients  to ensure that we never fail to deliver products and services that you value.  

We thank you for entrusting your business to us or considering our services for the future. 

Nathan L. Teinert
Chief Executive Officer 



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