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4 Major Legal Consideration In M&A Transactions

In the area of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), representatives for buyers and sellers are coordinating a delicate dance between the parties to ensure a successful transaction. However, while they choreograph, there are many legal and business considerations that may go overlooked or underappreciated by the buyers and sellers that could

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Advantages of Small to Middle Acquisition Entrepreneurship

Acquisition entrepreneurship refers to the process of purchasing an existing business rather than starting a new one from scratch. This approach has gained popularity over the years due to its numerous benefits. Here are some of the advantages of acquisition entrepreneurship: Despite the advantages, it’s essential to conduct thorough due

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How Much is My Business Worth?

We have heard numerous people claim various ways of valuing a business. People selling have told us they heard they can get three times the revenue for their company (this is very high), people buying said they would only pay one year’s worth of net income (this is very low).

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How to Sell Your Business

A large majority of small business owners have never sold a business.  While they may have worked years or decades cultivating an idea and successfully growing a business, this is just something completely new to most of them and that’s OK.  While the process may seem a bit overwhelming and

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Letter From The CEO

Dear client or future client,  As a young and ambitious company, comprised of unmistakable talent that is charting its own path, I want to slow down for a moment of reflection. As I take this moment to reflect on the prior twelve months, it brings substantial pride to see Graystone

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